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July 28, 2023

ChatGPT To Help You See Yourself as a Hero

The fear of AI's impact on our future is prevalent, especially regarding its effect on creativity and cognitive abilities in future generations. Even those who acknowledge the potential benefits of AI in therapeutic settings remain cautious. However, as an author and publisher who works with writers and individuals dealing with addiction and depression, the writer finds excitement in AI, particularly ChatGPT.

To illustrate its potential, the author added a section about their appreciation for ChatGPT in their new book. They see ChatGPT as an author's calculator, a tool that can assist anyone with a story to tell or someone facing challenges.

To test their hypothesis that AI combined with classic storytelling templates can transform self-perception, the writer had students input sentences about their struggles into ChatGPT and asked it to tell the story back using Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" framework. The results were astonishing.

One student, Sara, found a sense of peace and clarity after going through the exercise. She realized she had been stuck in a career she hated and decided to make a change. Writing, particularly when placed into an AI program using the hero's journey framework, can have therapeutic benefits, helping individuals see themselves as heroes who have overcome challenges.

AI has been used therapeutically for many years, but with the current AI hype, it is essential to recognize its potential to help us. Medical experts confirm that viewing our struggles through the lens of the hero's journey can alter our perception of the past positively.

To use this tool effectively, individuals should consider their greatest struggles, input them into the AI with the hero's journey prompt, and read the resulting story aloud to internalize the new perspective. This exercise can lead to profound realizations and prompt positive changes in one's life.

While a few writers' experiences may not entirely determine AI's impact, accepting and embracing modern developments, including AI, can lead to happiness and a better understanding of how AI can work for us instead of against us.

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Reference: Psychology Today

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