The Ronald McDonald House And
Dunja Vukosavovic Spread Holiday Cheer

November 28, 2023

Dunja Vukosavovic Image: Dunja Vukosavovic with Santa and Friends

Ronald McDonald House Along with Dunja Vukosavovic Spread Holiday Cheer to Terminally ill Children in New York City

This festive season, the New York City Ronald McDonald House (RMH) is joining forces with Macy’s to host its Annual Christmas Event, bringing joy and support to children battling terminal illnesses. The RMH, a global initiative spanning 62 countries, 380 locations, 260 chapters, and powered by 152,000 volunteers, serves as a crucial lifeline for families facing the challenging journey of caring for a sick child.

Dunja Vukosavovic Image: RMH Children singing at the event

A Home For Everyone

In addition to providing affordable housing, RMH offers hospitality accommodations, free meals, economic support, and comfort for families with children undergoing medical treatment. Many families find themselves far from home in pursuit of specialized medical care, and the RMH acts as a Safe Haven, staffed by dedicated volunteers who strive to maintain a sense of balance and support throughout the families' healthcare journey. Annually, the RMH serves over 6 million families, offering solace in times of difficulty.

dunja vukosavovic Image: Dunja Vokosavovic with RMH Friend

Macy's, a historical supporter of the RMH across the United States, continues its charitable efforts by encouraging donations for a noble cause. A $5 contribution to RMH not only supports the organization's mission but also entitles the donor to a Macy’s discount of up to $30. Other charitable-themed programs by Macy’s include Shop for a Cause, Round up Extra Change, and the Macy’s Glamorama Fashion Show.

Dunja Vukosavovic Returns

Dunja Vukosavovic Image: Dunja Vukosavovic with Friends

This year's Christmas celebration at Ronald McDonald House is particularly special, featuring the return of Dunja Vukosavovic, a gifted music writer and longstanding volunteer for the organization. Despite a hiatus due to the pandemic, Vukosavovic is back to lend her talents to the Christmas events. She is renowned for her contributions to the commercial music industry and has previously penned the song "Shadow River," written with Oscar winning director John Patrick Shanley, dedicated to children with cancer, helping raise funds for RMH. Beyond her work with the charity, Vukosavovic has served as a music director for a televised Christmas Eve service with Cardinal Timothy Dolan and has graced Macy’s Christmas events alongside notable figures like Darlene Love and Wayne Knight of Seinfeld, as well as the Broadway cast of Elf: The Musical.


Looking ahead, Dunja Vukosavovic is scheduled to perform during the Largo Maggiore music festival in Italy in July 2024, with additional performances in Switzerland and England. Her commitment to using her musical talents to bring joy and support to those in need continues to shine, making her an integral part of the heartwarming Ronald McDonald House Christmas celebration in New York City."

Your compassionate donation to the Ronald McDonald House will bring warmth and solace to families with sick children, offering them a sanctuary of hope and support during their most challenging times.

Dunja Vukosavovic Image: Santa and Friends

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